In today‘s society people often do not get touched enough.

Every human being needs touch. It is a basic necessity. It is as important as breathing, eating and drinking. We can survive without touch, but we waste away slowly, first emotionally, then physically.

When energy is blocked in our body, we feel lazy and heavy, our muscles become tensed and pain occurs.

Our physical health, vitality and our well-being are influenced by the flow of our life-energy.

With Cultural Bodywork, I want to touch you in several ways by indulging your body, your soul and your senses. I want to provide you with an experience that increases you body’s energy flow and renews your power.

If energy flows through our body without interruption, we feel light, warm and full of life.

CBW Bauch


What is the meaning of Cultural Bodywork?


comes from within.


is working with the body in its natural flow with format and function, allowing the body to participate in its own healing process. The principle of this work is to combine the healing arts of the South Pacific Cultures. These cultures have taken thousands of years to develop their own individual and unique way of healing the mind, body and soul. The combination of these healing forms is very powerful. Cultural Bodywork/Massage is performed with the greatest reverence and respect for the body. Spiritually, it encourages harmony between mind, body  and soul, thus giving a feeling of alignment and focus. This also rings true for the Transformational Healing as this brings the body into balance. When you have balance in your life you have miracles.

CBW Bodypart


Most of us miss moments of conscious relaxation. We are not able to let go and we don‘t allow ourselves to receive healthful touch. This massage helps you to get into the world of your senses.

The Cultural Bodywork treatment dissolves physical and emotional blocks in the body and it revitalizes the harmony of your body, mind and soul.

Touch energizes you body and enhances your well-being and your vitality. Special strokes loosen the toxins in the metabolism and the lymph systems.

You will also get an overwhelming feeling of enthusiasm, confidence and serenity.

Regular treatments will effectively support your well-being by maintaining and intensifying your vitality, your body-presence and your peace of mind.

CBW me


Cultural Bodywork is a whole body massage. A treatment takes 60 minutes. Please take your time and don‘t hurry to your next appointment.

The session takes place on a massage-table in a nice warm room. A high-quality oil is used to penetrate and stimulate the skin. You will be covered by a large cloth and only the part of the body being worked on will be exposed. The private areas of your body will always be covered and protected.

The intensive, long strokes are characteristic for Cultural Bodywork. I will stroke your body and you will get a deep sense of peacefulness. Your muscles will be released, the metabolism, lymph and immune system will be stimulated.

I invite you to deeply relax and get away from it all.

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